We are at
Limbazi DZ!

Only 70km
from Riga!


All Experienced and Licensed skydivers are welcome to jump at Skydive Latvia DZ in Limbazi. We operate legendary Pilatus Porter PC-6 to full altitude 4000 meters (13000 feet). Our skydiving season is from April till October at least 3 days a week Friday to Sunday, and occasionally we fly full week during camps and boogies. Skydive Latvia offers also Tandems and AFF training, but we always leave space for funjumpers and determined skydivers.

To get the best out of your day at DZ Please CALL or send an EMAIL couple of days before! To be part of Skydive Latvia activities and events, please follow our calendar or Facebook: https:// www.facebook.com/SkydiveLatvia/


  1. Waiver – first and foremost, get a waiver done digitally.
  2. Gear check & licence check with instructor in charge. Reserves must be last packed no more than 9 months prior to any jumps
  3. Payment for jump tickets / membership
  4. DZ briefing & emergency training
  5. Sign up for a load
  6. Go skydive


  • Jump ticket 33 EUR (4000 m)
  • Jump ticket 30 EUR (4000 m) members of Skydive Latvia
  • Jump ticket 23 EUR (1500 m – in case there is a full load for this altitude)
  • 1 year Skydive Latvia membership 100 EUR
  • Student / sport gear rental 12 EUR (call for availability)
  • Packing ticket 5 EUR

Facilities – Covered packing area with gear storage, Classroom, WC

Basic Safety Requirements (BSR) – Skydive Latvia is USPA Group member and complies with Latvian skydiving manual (LIR)

Preliminary signup for jumps for nearest weekend – Google sheet

Online list of current loadsParasoft